Naturally sustainable, proudly 100% grown, designed, and crafted in New Zealand.

When we started our journey to create our merino goods, it was essential for us that everything was processed and manufactured in New Zealand to the highest quality, and standards. We have been lucky to find exceptional partners to work with, to create beautiful yarns, and hand finished knits.

Farmers mustering merino sheep across the hill-country of Mount Nicholas Station.

Born in the mountains.

Our merino goods are inspired by our surroundings at Mt Nicholas Station. Our flock of Merino sheep have been ranging over the station's mountainous landscape since 1860.

Our knitwear is exclusively made with wool handpicked from our large flock, ensuring only the highest quality merino is used to create our products.

Our merino
  • Naturally sustainable

  • Luxuriously warm

  • Crafted in NZ