Our story.

After years of growing beautiful merino wool, we wanted to continue on the journey with our fibre, and use it to create products that were uniquely New Zealand, and able to be traced back to a single origin on the Station. Our merino goods are crafted from wool that is hand-picked, and initially hand-processed on farm, to ensure that only the highest quality fibre is sent for further processing, and knitting.

Mt Nicholas is a 36,000 hectare high-country station on the shores of Lake Wakatipu in the south of New Zealand. It is home to 29,000 Merino sheep and 2300 cattle. 

Originally settled in 1860 it was a challenging, and often daunting life for the early pioneers. There were plenty of issues to contend with such as plagues of rabbits, heavy snowfalls, and the closest neighbour a two-day horse ride away. The first settlers, the White Family, brought with them a flock of Merino Sheep, the descendants of these original sheep still graze on the station today over 160 years later.

The station is still farmed in a traditional way with a light touch, and extensive grazing. 30,000 hectares is still in its native state. Looking after our land, and our huge range of biodiversity here is an important part of what we do.  

Mount Nicholas Merino founders Kate, Jack, Phil and Latisha standing infront of farm buildings.

Phil, Latisha, Kate & Jack.

Kate and Jack, and Phil and Latisha, farm together at Mt Nicholas Station along with their children. The idea of crafting our wool into products, started from a conversation between Kate and Latisha one day in the woolshed. We were passionate about our wool, and thought it would be an exciting challenge to take some of it, and create the kinds of products we would love to have ourselves. Wares that were functional and stylish, but timeless, with quality, sustainability, and a good story being central pillars. So, with a typical kiwi attitude of “let’s just give it a go”, Mt Nicholas Merino was born.