A merino sheep being shorn at Mount Nicholas Station.

Shearing time.

At shearing time in the spring, the station's population doubles with the arrival of a highly skilled shearing gang, who remove the sheep’s cosy coats before the hot summer months. The fleece is prepared for our wool classer Bridget, who then “classes” each fleece individually into specific quality grades.

The wool that is selected for our Mt Nicholas merino heritage goods goes through a further hand-processing by Kate and Latisha to remove vegetable matter, and any parts of the fleece that are less than perfect. It is then baled up, and leaves the station by truck to be tested electronically for quality characteristics, washed to remove the lanolin and dust, then spun and knitted into timeless pieces that you’ll love for years to come.

A wool handler spreading a merino fleece out over a sorting table at shearing time on Mt Nicholas Station.

ZQ and ZQRX Quality Certification.

We are proud to produce ZQRX wool, and products. This is the world’s leading ethical wool certification. To find more about ZQ, and ZQRX please follow this link:

Ethical & Regenerative Wool | ZQ & ZQRX Merino | The New Zealand Merino Company (discoverzq.com)

Kate from Mt Nicholas explains ZQ and ZQRX:


Why ZQ Merino?

Ethical & sustainable

ZQ merino wool is a completely natural fibre that is both renewable, and biodegradable. It's as gentle on the environment as it is on you.

Incredibly comfortable

ZQ Natural Fibre helps to regulate body temperature, and keep you dry. Merino fibre naturally absorbs, and releases moisture, maintaining a balance between the internal, and external environment, without any clamminess. 

​When the temperature drops, ZQ Natural Fibre adjusts to keep you warm. 

Safer & softer

​Merino Wool is flame resistant. Unlike some wool, ZQ Natural Fibre is supremely soft; it won’t itch, and scratch like some wool due to the fineness of the fibre.