Caring for your Merino goods.

When washing your Merino product follow the instructions on the care label.

It’s important to use an approved liquid wool detergent.

Gentle hand wash, or if using a washing machine, choose a wool, or delicate cycle on 30°C or less.

Do not soak or bleach. Fabric softener can also damage merino wool.

To get rid of excess water, do not wring. Instead, roll your garment up in a towel, and gently press to absorb the water.

Dry on a line in the shade, or preferably lay them flat to dry to protect their shape. 

Do not tumble dry Merino wool.

If you need to treat a stain, take a soft cloth and gently dab it. Don’t rub because this will stretch the wool.

Pilling – due to the fineness of our yarn pilling may occur if you wash your garment frequently, or if it is exposed to abrasive surfaces, or rubbing. A sweater stone or de-piller will tidy this up in minutes.  


Do you recommend any specific wool detergents?

Most detergents recommended for wool or delicate clothing should be fine, the most important thing is to use a small amount of detergent, and do not soak your items. This is because enzymes in all detergents can damage the natural wool fibres if they are in contact with them for long.

How often should I wash my item?

Only when you need to. There is no need to wash your merino item after every wear as merino has natural antibacterial properties, and will stay fresher than synthetic goods for longer. Just give your item an air out, or spot treat little stains with a damp cloth between washes.

Do I need to wash my Mt Nicholas Merino goods before use?

There is no need to wash your items before use. All Mt Nicholas Merino goods are washed as the last step of their manufacture before they are sent to you.